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Gasless transactions


  • You may arrange a starter pack of gasless transactions within Neon EVM from


What happens if you do not yet own enough (or any) NEON to pay for your user's first transactions? Don't worry, we have you covered with a starter pack of gasless transactions.

These transactions are still handled by your chosen Proxy Operator, however, the transaction cost is covered by us.

How does it work?

  1. The end-user initiates a transaction via your dApp.

dApps or end-users may use NeonPass to move SPL tokens from Solana or bridge assets across with a partner's bridge

  1. Your dApp makes an RPC request to the Proxy Operator for the gas price.

A code example is provided below to demonstrate how to make a request for the user's transaction to be considered eligible for gasless.

  1. The Proxy Operator accepts the gasless request, and nominates the Neon account as eligible for N gasless transactions.

If the account is not eligible, the gas is calculated as per the normal flow.

  1. The dApp supporting the transaction is provided a gas cost of zero for the applicable transactions.

  2. The user signs the transaction with the zero gas price.

  3. The Proxy Operator executes the transaction.

The Proxy Operator pays the SOL gas fee as usual, but the commission is extracted from Neon Foundation, not the end user.

How do I arrange to have gasless transactions?

If you are interested in a starter pack, then reach out to

You may be wondering does "N" stand for? The minimum number of gasless transactions is 3 per novel Neon Account (i.e. per end user). However, favoured partners may negotiate better deals.

Request gasless transactions

The following is an extract from a boilerplate React App setup to undertake a Neon swap.

// Get gasless transaction if user account is eligible
const rawGasPrice = await, {
method: 'neon_gasPrice',
params: [{ from: address }],
jsonrpc: "2.0",
id: new Date().getTime()

tx.gasPrice =;
} catch (e) {
//Else, get standard GAS price
setError('Can\'t retrieve gas price for transaction')

const rawGasPrice = await web3.eth.getGasPrice();

tx.gasPrice = web3.utils.toHex(rawGasPrice);
} finally {
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