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Move Tokens Between Neon EVM and Solana


  • Transfer tokens to and from Solana and Neon networks with our intuitive UI
  • No wrapping


This guide demonstrates how to transfer tokens between Solana and Neon EVM using the NeonPass UI. The same tooling is available as an npm package.

You can transfer tokens in either direction, but each transaction incurs a gas fee in either NEON or SOL or the token of your choice with which you are transacting.


Neon EVM's Devnet now supports a feature providing the option to pay the gas fees with the token of transaction, rather than only NEON or SOL.

Under the hood, transferring tokens from Neon EVM to Solana requires the transaction fees to be paid in NEON or (if supported) the transaction token as per the user's choice; whereas transferring tokens from Solana to Neon EVM requires the transaction fees to be paid in either NEON or SOL.


  • EVM-compatible wallet (e.g. Atomic Wallet, MetaMask, etc.)
  • Solana-compatible wallet (e.g. Phantom, Solfare, etc.)
  • Browser with both wallet applications attached
  • Token balance to pay gas fees

Transfer tokens with NeonPass

Step 1: Set up wallets

1.1 Navigate to NeonPass.

1.2 Add your required Neon EVM network in your EVM-compatible wallet through

For further help, see our wallet setup walkthrough.

Step 2: Connect wallets to NeonPass


Remember to use a browser to which both your Solana- and EVM-compatible wallets are attached.

2.1 Select the network you want to connect to from the dropdown in the top right corner.

2.2 Click Connect Wallet to connect your Solana-compatible wallet to NeonPass. Follow the login procedure in your wallet's popup window and ensure it's connected to the network you require (e.g. Mainnet).


Ensure you have enough funds to pay the withdrawal approval fee.

2.3 Repeat this step for your EVM-compatible wallet.

After successfully connecting your wallets to NeonPass, the Connect Wallet text changes to the name of the network (Solana or Neon), and the public key of your accounts is displayed.

Step 3: Conduct transfer

3.1 Use the arrow to determine the direction of transfer (from Neon EVM to Solana).

3.2 Use the dropdown to select the token you want to transfer and enter the amount you want to send.

3.3. Click Transfer.

3.4 Confirm the transaction in your sending wallet.

Always verify the transaction details and only approve if you wish to proceed.

A successful transaction is confirmed.

3.5 Don't trust: verify

To verify the transaction, click View on Neon Explorer to confirm on NeonScan that the tokens were transferred. In the following example, 42 NEON were transferred out of Neon EVM.

Let's also check the destination Solana wallet address on Solana Explorer to verify the arrival of those 42 NEON tokens.

We hope that you love NeonPass and that you are ready to leverage the full potential of Neon EVM by facilitating hassle-free transfers of assets to and from Solana.

Under the hood

Neon EVM isn't a blockchain, and so it follows that NeonPass isn't a conventional blockchain bridge. Your assets are not wrapped. Instead, Neon EVM applies an ERC-20 interface, making SPL tokens behave like Ethereum-natives when in the Neon network. Learn more about how NeonPass works.

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