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Precompiled EVM contracts

Currently, Neon EVM supports the majority of precompiled contracts

Unsupported precompiled EVM contracts

There are some precompiled EVM contracts that Neon EVM does not support.

Contracts written in the Solidity language will not be executed in Neon EVM if they contain calls to the following:

  • bigModExp — Used for efficient RSA verification inside an EVM, as well as other forms of number theory-based cryptography
  • bn256Add — Performs addition on the elliptic curve operations
  • bn256ScalarMult — Performs scalar multiplication on the elliptic curve operations
  • bn256Pairing — Elliptic curve pairing operations to perform zkSTARKs verification within the block gas limit

The Neon EVM requires the implementation of system calls in Solana to support these contracts in the future.

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